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if you couldn't tell, he's the one in the middle.

YAY. i'm done!
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ooooo davey =D
ooooo jade.
hunter is a bit of a jerk
WHAT?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe you just said that!!!!!!!!! OMG YOU ARE SO DUMB!!!!! he is not a jerk!!!!!!!! he's probably the nicest one in the band dummy!!!!!!!
thanks for calling me dumb.

he was a real jerk when i talked to him. he just signed my ticket, but didnt even look at me - he talked to someone else the whole time. when i tried to say thank you or i appreciate your music or whatever he said a very rushed "great bye". if any one is the nicest in the band, it was davey.
well maybe he had better things to do than talk to you.
jeez. what is your problem? he should appreciate a fan, regardless of who they are.

i haven't insulted you at all, so i don't see why you're throwing them at me.